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What is Riordan Mansion State Historic Park?

Riordan Mansion: An American Arts and Crafts-style treasure

Office with Arts & Crafts style furnitureThe duplex-style Riordan Mansion remains one of the finest examples of American Arts and Crafts-style architecture open to the public today. Designed by the architect of the impressive El Tovar Hotel at the Grand Canyon, Charles Whittlesey, the homes were built in 1904 with indoor plumbing, hot and cold running water, central heat, and electric lights, reflecting the most modern technology and design of the time. View a video and learn more about Riordan Mansion.

The Riordan brothers moved to Flagstaff in the 1880’s as managers and then owners of the largest employer, the Arizona Lumber and Timber Company. At the heart of the Teacup with calling card Flagstaff community for over 50 years, their efforts advocating for progressive improvements included educational facilities such as the Normal School, which grew into today’s Northern Arizona University and the creation of Coconino County with Flagstaff as its county seat. They also recruited scientific institutions, such as Lowell Observatory, and the Fort Valley Experimental Forest Station that continue to benefit Flagstaff residents today.

Seen by guided tour only, the interiors of the Riordan family homes look essentially as they did in 1904. The homes showcase all original family belongings including fine examples of early Stickley furniture.

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