What we need

Help support specific needs

East wing in the snowYou may earmark your donation for one or several of the routine expenses or wish list items outlined below. Or, you may designate that your contribution be placed in either a maintenance reserve fund, or an endowment fund to support the park’s future operations. If you wish to earmark your donation or discuss other options, please contact Riordan Action Network at (928) 779‑4395.

Routine annual expenses for Riordan Mansion

  • Regular maintenance supplies $5,000
  • Electricity $4,500
  • Natural gas $3,500
  • Water, sewer, and trash pickup $2,500
  • Telephone, fax, and internet $2,400
  • Office and cleaning supplies $1,500
  • Garden supplies $500
  • Junior Ranger program supplies $250

Riordan Mansion’s wish list

  • Moving and renovating the caretaker’s cottage for use as a gift shop/visitor center $10,000+
  • Service agreement on park truck
  • Service agreement on copy machine
  • New copy machine
  • Safe for archive storage
  • Snow blower

Maintenance reserve fund

This special fund is used solely for future maintenance, restoration and repair projects for the park’s buildings and land. Flagstaff’s climate of extensive direct sunlight, wind, and heavy snowfalls presents ongoing maintenance needs. For example, the roof must be shoveled by hand when snow is deep, and interior leaks are prevalent after a big snow. The siding and foundation were last repaired in 2004 and are showing signs of wear and deterioration. The furnaces in the two homes that comprise the Riordan Mansion need extensive upgrades or replacement. Arizona State Parks, Riordan Action Network and the City of Flagstaff combined funds (more than $70,000) to replace the roof on the east side of the house in 2011. The west wing is still in need of roof replacement.

Endowment fund

This special fund would help to keep the park’s doors open by providing operating expenses (for part time rangers’ salaries, utilities, and other operating needs) when entry fees and events are not sufficient to cover expenses — such as during the winter season when tourism decreases.

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    Visit the Arizona State Parks site for more information about Riordan Mansion State Historic Park.

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