We promote, advocate for, and raise funds on behalf of Riordan Mansion State Historic Park, an important and treasured Flagstaff, Arizona, historic site.

Riordan MansionIn 1904 brothers Timothy and Michael Riordan worked with Charles Whittlesey, the architect who designed El Tovar on the south rim of Grand Canyon, to build this magnificent 13,000 sq. ft. Arts and Crafts-style dwelling for their two families. The children of Tim and Michael Riordan deeded the house, garage, original furniture, clothing, and household items, and acreage to the Arizona State Parks system in the 1970s to preserve and protect this pristine example of early Arizona history and to serve as an educational center for all ages. The park offers information on the history of Northern Arizona through guided tours, hands-on exhibits, lecture series, and educational outreach. Learn more…

Riordan Mansion State Historic Park was slated for closure in February 2010 because of lack of state funding. Through the collaborative efforts of RAN, the Northern Arizona Pioneers Historical Society, the Arizona Historical Society, the City of Flagstaff, and the Arizona State Parks Board, the park remains open. Today, no tax dollars support the park’s operation. Admission fees, special events, and donations must cover all costs for operations, maintenance, and preservation projects.

Your donation to the Riordan Action Network is critical.

We need your donation to keep Riordan Mansion maintained and open to the public, so that future generations can enjoy this extraordinary example of architecture and learn about this pivotal time in Flagstaff’s history. Learn more…

Why is Riordan Mansion State Historic Park important?

Riordan familyRiordan Mansion tells the story of Flagstaff’s beginning. It’s a story about how three brothers came to the Arizona Territory seeking opportunity. Together they built a successful lumber business and made significant contributions to the community. They and their close-knit families flourished along with the town. This park is a pristine example of early Arizona history and serves as an educational center for all ages. Learn more…

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